Located four miles downriver from Dunton Hot Springs, the resort’s summer-only camp is comprised of eight spacious and comfortable canvas tents set in an alpine clearing on 500-acres of a former cattle ranch. At the heart of this intimate ‘resort within a resort’ is a restored 19th century farm house with dining room, guest salon, and wraparound deck highlighting spectacular views of the San Juan Mountains, and overlooking the Dolores River. Each 640 square foot tent features a gas stove, luxurious en-suite bathroom, private lounging deck and two mountain bikes exclusively for the guests to use. Dunton River Camp can be booked exclusively for up to 16 guests or in conjunction with Dunton Hot Springs to accommodate a total of 60 guests.

Farmhouse at River Camp
Wedding ceremony at River Camp

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is included in the price?
A: Our rates include all meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and beverages (excluding Reserve List), mountain bikes, wifi, telephone calls and laundry are also included.

Q: How many people can you accommodate?
A: We can sleep a maximum of 16 guests at the River Camp, 44 at the Hot Springs and 60 if renting both properties. We may be able to accommodate a few more in some beautiful rental homes close to us.

Q:With a “buy-out,” what costs are not included?
A: Additional costs are items such as floral arrangements, photography services, live music, a wedding cake or any additional decorations that we do not have on property.

Q:Do I need to hire a Wedding Planner?
A: We assist through the entire process, but if you would like additional help, we are happy to recommend a few planners who have done a wonderful job with our brides and grooms at Dunton.

Q: Can you help us with contacting vendors for flowers, photography etc?
A: Yes, we have a list of recommended vendors who have worked with us in the past, and have done a very good job.

Q: Can we have some of our guests pay for some of the accommodation costs?
A: Absolutely. Most of our weddings ask their guests “contribute” to costs/expenses. Since our rates are all-inclusive, that is very understandable and guests don’t mind. Remember, they are here for YOU! We make it easy, where they will call us direct and pay how much you tell us you would like them pay.

Q: Where do we get married?
A: The majority of our weddings take place off of the Farmhouse or in the meadows above the camp, but it is up to you as to where you decide to have the ceremony.

Bride at River Camp


We try and keep things as easy as possible for the pricing and these include :

Accommodations for up to 16 people (or 60 people to include Dunton Hot Springs  at an additional fee)
All meals for 16 people
Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages (excluding fine liquors and vintage wines on our Reserve List)

SUMMER / FALL ’19 (3 Night Minimum)

01 June – 15 Oct 2021 / $15,000 per night (up to 16 guests)
01 June – 15 Oct 2021 / $45,000 per night (up to 60 guests) Utilizing Dunton Hot Springs


Tax & Service – 17.9%