Wine on the Fly (June 30 - July 3)

Scouting for the best location to fly-fish can be just as difficult as finding the perfect wine to pair with an amazing dinner. Dunton has partnered with Lamborn Family Vineyards and Rex Hill to create an event making both easy. If two of your passions include wine and fly-fishing, this is an opportunity for you to experience the two together like never before in one of the world’s most striking and serene landscapes. The natural beauty and culinary delights of Dunton River Camp paired with the exquisite wines from Lamborn Family Vineyards and Rex Hill combines to create a sensory experience unlike any other. “Wine on the Fly” is ideal for all skill levels in both wine and fly-fishing, allowing all guests to depart with a greater understanding and appreciation of wine, fly-fishing, and our beautiful planet!

“Wine on the Fly” is a private, one-of-a-kind event for lovers of wine, fly-fishing, and the great outdoors. Enjoy this add-on package which includes:

  • Guided fly-fishing on 9 private miles of the west fork of the Dolores River
    • Alternate activities abound for those preferring a substitution for a day of fly-fishing
  • Nightly multi-course fine dining wine dinners featuring two elite wineries and thousands of dollars’ worth of their wines, all presented by the winery owners themselves

Add-on package price – $400 per person per night / 3-nights minimum stay required at Dunton River Camp

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